Gas Safety Certificates Edinburgh

A landlord gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and it ensures that gas appliances, fittings, and flues within a rental property are safe and in proper working condition. Here are some key points regarding landlord gas safety:

  • Landlords are legally required to obtain a gas safety certificate.
  • A Gas Safe registered engineer needs to carry out the inspection.
  • Annual inspection: Landlords must conduct an annual inspection of all gas appliances and flues in their rental properties.
  • Landlords must provide tenants with a copy of the gas safety certificate within 28 days of the inspection.
  • Landlords are required to keep copies of the gas safety certificates for at least two years.
  • It is the landlord’s responsibility to rectify any issues using a trained Gas Safe registered professional.

If you are a landlord it is important to prioritize the safety of your tenants by adhering to all gas safety regulations and obtaining the necessary gas safety certificates. If you’d like help with this please get in touch with us at Cullen Plumbing & Heating and we’ll be happy to help.